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We all have unique stories to tell: unforgettable moments, it they fade over the time.
Special and memorable events of our lives, that we want to keep everlasting.
We know that your event is an unique day on your live,
despite this it, the issues happens and we want to garantee your inversion.
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After you hire us, our relationship is so big, that almost all our clients, convert in part of our family.
We are a family crew interested in you be part of our familiy in treatment and service received. We are no just commercial partners, we also considerate you like part of us. We want to solve your image problems. You most to get worry less, about it.

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We all have unique stories to tell: unforgettable moments, it they fade over the time. Please Hire Us...


Weddings And Travels are our Big Passion

As you can see, the photos that we chosen here are quite simple and draw the visitors attention to review our work.

We want that you hold our goal is not the thecnique skills, is count yor history, because we are story tellers.

At last our stuff is not an important item for you, but get the right moment and get the expressions, feelings and sentimental moments are your the true important things.

Is impossible to get our total skills in some images, but this can give you some idea that what you will waiting for.

Remember that we first adjust to you subjections, but togeter with our professional recomendations.

If you need some different job, please contact us, because all jobs are different, We will to arrangement to your request.

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Nuestro servicio está orientado a la satisfacción total del cliente. Brindándole la oportunidad de que el pueda escoger el estilo, la forma y como quiere que le realicemos su trabajo, todo de la mano con el más alto standard de calidad y buen gusto. Dentro de la gama de servicios que ofrecemos, cubrimos el abanico de opciones tradicionales que por lo general ofrecen los centros fotográficos, aunque nosotros tenemos otros productos y servicios que personalizamos para hacer diferencia y garantizarle que usted se sienta más que satisfecho con nuestro trabajo.



About Us...

Juan Melo: Born and raised in the city of Puerto Plata, restless and interested in technology and knowledge. Always linked intimately to graphic arts, design, painting and visual projection. He worked on several local television channels in his city. Work and direct several local projects in magazines as independent graphic designer.

He did Work a lot in Graphic Design area specially in Publicity Photography and Commercial, with self own high level knowledges. After some friends invite to him to realice Social Photography and Events, he accept to participe on it and begin to capacitate about this and ingresate into Altos de Chavón to study Photography. Making formal his Photography Education.

Later he participated in workshops, courses, lectures on photography, composition and lighting, both in the country and abroad, acquiring the admiration of instructors as companions in this courses.

"The work with Quality and tenacity are the best promotion that any professional can have"

After complete his basic photography studies, he beging a pilot plan with family and friends, participating into different social events, like wedding, birthdays, etcs. Getting expertise and notoriety about it, with a fresh and new way to realize the social event photography, adding an expontaneous style sign at his job.

Con el paso del tiempo el círculo de clientes, ya no sólo se limitaba a amigos y familiares, sino que otras personas se interesaban por el trabajo que realizaba, lo que produjo que renunciara de su actual empleo en el área técnica de la compañía Codetel, donde laboró por sobre los 10 años, convirtiéndose en uno de los técnicos más destacados y capacitado

Actualmente goza del respeto de sus colegas y comparte con sus clientes la mayor muestra de buen gusto y respeto por un trabajo excelente, logrando que su mayor y mejor publicidad sean el buen trabajo unido al excelente servicio personalizado brindado y a la extrema satisfacción de sus clientes. Lo que lo ha llevado a decir que;
Juan Melo - Fotografía Artística
Símplemente...Otro Nivel!!!

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