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We all have unique stories to tell: unforgettable moments, it they fade over the time.
Special and memorable events of our lives, that we want to keep everlasting.
We know that your event is an unique day on your live,
despite this it, the issues happens and we want to garantee your inversion.
If you request we guarantee a Full Refund.
(Please refer to Written Guarantee - Some Restrictions Apply).


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Pemio Trogón del Año 2016 - Renglón Creatividad
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Pemio Expo Bridal Brief Magazine POP 2021 - Renglón Trayectoria Nupcial
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Pemio Expo Bridal Brief Magazine POP 2021 - Renglón Trayectoria Nupcial


Elevating wedding photography to new heights, we are proud to announce our selection from a distinguished group of wedding photographers spanning 26 countries worldwide. Our work stood out among over 3,000 wedding images, earning us the coveted title of "Best Summit Wedding Images" in the prestigious WEDISSON AWARDS for both 2021 and 2022. Trust us to capture the essence of your special day with the same award-winning excellence that sets us apart on the global stage.

In 2016 we Get "EL Trogón del Año", one prestigious award, that Sofía's Novias En Grande recognise the best wedding suppliers on the year.

In 2021, at the prestigious Bridal Expo, our exceptional wedding services were distinguished for their continuous excellence over the years. We proudly received the coveted award from the esteemed Brief Magazine crew, recognizing our transcendent contributions to the wedding sector. Trust us to bring unparalleled expertise and a legacy of outstanding service to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Exceptional investment for our Family Members

"Joining us goes beyond a professional partnership; it's entering our family. As a close-knit family crew, we prioritize your experience, ensuring you're not just a client but a valued member on it. Let us alleviate your image concerns, making your journey worry-free and deeply connected."

Book to us to create a custom simple pricing for your wedding photography.

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We all have unique stories to tell: unforgettable moments, it they fade over the time. We are Destination Wedding Specialist! Please Hire Us...

Weddings And Travels are our Big Passion

Immerse yourself in our visually captivating and uniquely style, meticulously crafted to engage visitors and showcase our work in a truly memorable manner, all while perfectly adapting to your preferences!

Highlighting the significance of every event and moment, your celebration is truly exceptional, warranting the importance it deserves. This investment goes beyond monetary value; it's a commitment to creating an unforgettable experience that exceeds your expectations.

At last our stuff is not an important item for you, but get the right moment and get the expressions, feelings and sentimental moments are your the true important things.

Beyond technical prowess, our emphasis lies in narrating your unique love story like master storytellers. We infuse each tale with a distinctive artistic touch, capturing the essence of your journey in a way that goes beyond mere technique.

Our team believes that capturing the right moments, expressions, and sentimental nuances is paramount, to make ternal your memories, always alive.

IWhile a handful of images may not fully encapsulate our diverse skill set, they provide a glimpse of what awaits you when you choose us. Expect nothing short of high-quality documentary images that beautifully capture your moments.

Your vision is our priority. Reach out to us if you have specific requests or creative ideas, that want to share. We are available to adjust to your or customize our services to align with your particular wishes.

We are here to hear you!

Our best skill is to hear you and help it and contribute with your magical day, like you wish, for your wedding celebration. Meeting you wishes with our experience and expertise. Because is your festivity, but we know how maked.
Is custom, because is your day and you know how you it dreamed, but we are here to helped to make it reallity.

Our service is custom in all axis, because your event should not be the same as anyone else's. Thinking in that we try to accomodate us to more possible into your wishes and expectatives.

There is two kinds of celebrations. The first one is it that you dreamed and the other one is it the reality one can be true. With our recomentadions we are going to orientate and help you to complete your wedding photos or event in real life, surfing the one that more can approach to your wishes. Applying our artistic style.

We are oriented to satisfy you and bring up the opportunity to choose your style and the way, how you want to get our service, but according to our quality and standards.



A Family Crew making Eternal Wedding Images

About Us...

Juan Melo: Born and raised in the city of Puerto Plata, restless and interested in technology and knowledge. Always linked intimately to graphic arts, design, painting and visual projection. He worked on several local television channels in his city. Work and direct several local projects in magazines as independent graphic designer.

He did Work a lot in Graphic Design area specially in Publicity Photography and Commercial, with self own high level knowledges. After some friends invite to him to realice Social Photography and Events, he accept to participe on it and begin to capacitate about this and ingresate into Altos de Chavón to study Photography. Making formal his Photography Education.

Later he participated in workshops, courses, lectures on photography, composition and lighting, both in the country and abroad, acquiring the admiration of instructors as companions in this courses.

"Quality and tenacity in our work stand as the most powerful promotion for any professional get."

After complete his basic photography studies, he beging a pilot plan with family and friends, participating into different social events, like wedding, birthdays, etcs. Getting expertise and notoriety about it, with a fresh and new way to realize the social event photography, adding an expontaneous style sign at his job.

With the past of the time our clients circle started to grow more and more. going from Family to Friends and then other people interested in getting our services. Product of this, I decided to quit my permanent job, in a Telecomunication Company (Verizon then Claro), where I was working on Business Internet Instalation for Atlantic Zone in Dominican Republic. for more than 10 years and being recognized as the best technician of the year, two times in a row before leaving the company. To start in a new business.

Actualmente goza del respeto de sus colegas y comparte con sus clientes la mayor muestra de buen gusto y respeto por un trabajo excelente, logrando que su mayor y mejor publicidad sean el buen trabajo unido al excelente servicio personalizado brindado y a la extrema satisfacción de sus clientes. Lo que lo ha llevado a decir que;
Juan Melo - Fotografía Artística
Símplemente...Otro Nivel!!!


Your wedding is an unrepeatable and eternal event. There is not time for mistakes
We want that you get all done Job as fast we can.


Referencial Sample - is subject to change with client adjust
01 Contact Us and Give Up most Details About Your Event
02 If we needed. We will contact you, with not compromise, to ask about details regarding to your celebration. Best by Phone.
03 You Complete The Downpayment - Using one of this Methods:
Bank of America in USA 898049495134 063100277
WELLS FARGO in USA 2505107058 063107513
Paypal USA Online Credit Card Payments
ZELLE in USA Juan A. Melo
Banco Popular Dominicano 737788133 Juan A. Melo
Banco ScottiaBank 76140201 Juan A. Melo
Banco BHDLeón Dominicano 05708670024 Juan A. Melo
Scotia Bank Rep. Dom. 20545480346 Juan A. Melo
BanReservas Rep. Dom. 074-019668-4 Juan A. Melo
04 After payment prove - We send you an email with Payment Confirmation and Event Details.
05 Before photoshoot (we send you one email with contract details to you verify). As you desire: You can sign and send back or sign before the photoshoot.
06 We confirm date and place when do you arrive to the country and date/hour of Photoshoot. (Can do it by Whatsapp/Email/Call/etc).
07 A few days before of the Celebration - Client must complete the payment - All is adjust into the contract
08 Meet to make the photos (time is schedule on the contract and subject to client with us approbation). - After 4 hours clients most provide basic food and beverages if needed.
09 We send Access to our private website on next working day or adjust date on contract, after shoot. (Username and Password). Begin to upload your images, the last one is when you see the photographer image.

We fix all images and upload in our private website (this time is adjust into the contract). We Always Provide Retouching Images - RAW FILES ARE NOT DELIVERED TO CUSTOMERS

Using Photoshoot or any professional editing software, we retouch all images before show or bring to you. (Basic Edition: Lights/Contrast/Saturation/Color/ Etc. - like our website samples. Images looks nice, but in natural way). Finish time is subject to contract time arrangement or available time schedule.

Ensure efficient delivery of digital images in their entirety after all items of the service have been delivered. Additionally, emphasize that these images will undergo further retouching before any printing takes place. This is done to ensure the highest quality and meet your expectations.

Always this time is adjust to our current jobs and clients, but all is based into our contract.

If your package include prints or is one limit amount of pictures, you most to select using our private online system over our secure website. Or physically in our offices.
You can send your selection using our system, email, Whatsapp or any best method to you.

If you don't complete the photos selection, after one day expiration Gallery assign date is done, we can select your photos and send you to our discretion. Extra charges can apply.
10 We deliver you all contracted images and product details, on our offices in Puerto Plata or Punta Cana, but we are available to make arrangement with clients to determine best to deliver products to you. Before you leave the country. EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY.
Otherwise we provide one private link available to download your images or videos over our website in Full Resollution and Low Resollution to Social Media Share. (This is a Temporal Site at request).


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We are available to convert at best your event with our images. Feel free to try this excelent option. Investment Full Guarantee.